Vinter i Gol sentrum - tips

Winter in Gol village

The trade village in Hallingdal

Gol is the very image of Norwegian cosiness, and invites you to a holiday that is both inspiring and relaxing. Enjoy the good life, the beautiful valley and mountains, and the stable, good inland climate in winter. Get to know a small winter village.

In the village you will find a cozy little town with a lively shopping street and many good places to eat. Here, successful small stores have managed to establish themselves together with many of the well-known chain stores. The cafes have both indoor and outdoor serving and the menus vary from good home cooking, local baked goods, Chinese delicacies, Italian pizzaria and several good with international dishes.

Attractions in the center

  • The medieval park Gordarike is part of the destination Hallingresort. The stave church is closed during the winter, but it is nice to take a short walk and look at some of the finest of construction techniques Norway has. (not serviced in winter) Find out more about the summer season here.
  • Myklefossen power plant. Restored power plant by the river Hemsila, which flows from Hemsedal. Nice walk. (not serviced)
  • Hallingdal Museum at the folk high school. Nice walk. (not serviced)

Activities in the center

  • In Tropicana water park, the waves go high and the slides long.
  • The ice rink Glitre Stadium has a reputation as Norway's fastest nature course. Bring skates. About 2 km from the cottage park.
  • You get real action in Gol Motorpark with ATVs and motocross riding. Pre-ordered in the winter. About 2.5 km from the cottage park.

Hiking in the center

At least 24 walks are well marked and are easily accessible from the center. Many of the walks that go along roads and on winter-trodden paths, and are great in winter. Some top hikes are best suited for summer. Here is the tour brochure with information about length, degree of difficulty, starting point and map.

Travel by car

In the middle of southern Norway you will find Gol in Hallingdal. Gol is one of 6 Hallingdal municipalities with Flå, Nesbyen, Ål, Hol (Geilo) and Hemsedal as partners in the region. Five of the villages are like pearls on a string in the valley Hallingdal along national road 7. To get to Hemsedal, take one off at Gol on national road 52.

It is easy to get to Gol from most parts of the country. Some of the main shipping lanes are:

  • Highway 7 between Oslo (160 km) and Bergen (29 km). Highway 7 is just one of the roads between east and west.
  • Highway 52 from Sogn, Aurland over Hemsedalsfjellet via Hemsedal (35 km).
  • Highway 51 from Leira (40 km), Fagernes, over Valdresflya or from Dokka (90 km), Lillehammer and Gjøvik (13 km).

Train and bus

Gol Station - Oslo-Bergen with
The Bergen line is 371 kilometers long from Hønefoss to Bergen. The line is connected to the Randsfjord line and the Roa-Hønefoss line in Hønefoss. The track follows Hallingdalen up to the Hardangervidda, reaches its highest point (1237 masl) west of Finse, before descending towards Western Norway past Myrdal and following Raundalen down to Voss. From Voss, the path goes along the fjords to Bergen. The course is marked by the dramatic landscape it passes through.
Gol Station is only 2 km from Hallingresort cabin park.


The bus station Gol Skysstasjon is a stop for buses between Oslo and Bergen. Booking on
The shuttle station restaurant has a menu with good Norwegian quality food for dinner and lunch. Newly renovated both inside and out, right in the center.
Gol Station is only 400 meters from Hallingresort cabin park.

Industry and wholesale

Gol is one of the country's largest tourism municipalities, and is the regional trade and service center for the Hallingdal region. The service industries make up approx. 70%, industry, power and water supply, construction approx. 20% and agriculture approx. 10% of total employment.


The name Gol is supposed to come from Gord, which for a time was the name of the river that flows through the village. The name means fence and yard. The river created a fence and set the boundary between two valley sides. It is uncertain when the first people settled in Gol, but one is quite sure that by the year 1000 at least 26 farms in Gol were cleared.
Finds of animal graves and iron slag on Golsfjellet show, however, that the area has been exploited since ancient times. Gol Stave Church was moved to Bygdøy in 1884 and formed the core of the Norwegian Folk Museum. Today, Gol has only the listed cemetery left of the original, but a copy of the stave church has been built between national road 7 and Gol center in the medieval park Gordarike.

Gol municipality has been in, and is still in, rapid development. Among other things, a new school for NOK 250 million was taken into use in 2018, and the year after Gol Idrettsarena to approx. NOK 35 million.

Distance from Hallingresort cabin park to Gol center is 200 meters.

Find affordable accommodation right in the center of Gol: Halling Resort Cottages & Apartments