Unique possibilities!

Celebrate weddings one, - or maybe "Three days to the end ..."? Out of your wishes and budget, we will facilitate a memorable wedding party. Huso has accommodation for the whole bridal succession. Do you want a little more brilliant wedding at Husofjellet? Or maybe you want a traditional celebration at Husotunet? Here are a few examples of how wedding packages can be tailored to you:


Wedding party in the guesthouse. The wedding guests spend the night in the Husotunet in rooms and apartments in direct connection with the wedding room. The bridal couple can rent the "bridal suite".

Complete, classic wedding

  • Guests are accommodated in apartments and cottages at Husotunet. Ready made beds, towels and final cleaning are included.
  • Let friends and family get to know the day before the wedding party. Have a casual Viking party in Høvdinghallen! Rent the premises and bring food and drink, or choose a package where Huso delivers food and drink.
  • The wedding ceremony is in Gol Stavkyrkje or at Eventyrgarden. Churches in the area: Hemsedal and Gol Church.
  • The bridal couple can be transported with a horse sled/vagon or dog sled the last 500 meters.
  • Wedding party in the Guesthouse with 3 course wedding dinner.
  • Cakes are kept by guests or ordered from Huso.
  • Living room with dance floor and bar at the 2nd floor
  • Coffee avec, cakes and night food.
  • Shared breakfast or brunch Sunday.

Mountain wedding in beautiful nature surrounded by unique buildings where guests live together in large cabins around the banqueting rooms. Husofjellet is a unique arena for a mountain wedding.

Mountain wedding with options

  • The wedding guests live in large cabins at Husofjellet. Additional services may be packed with bed linen / towels.
  • Let friends and family get to know the day before the wedding party. Have a party in the Høvding Hall! Rent the room or order food / drink including services.
  • Wedding in Gol Stave church or out at Gapahuken. Alternatively, Hemsedal or Gol church.
  • The bride and groom are transported by horse sled or dog sledding to the Trolldomen.
  • The wedding party is held in Trolldomen with catering for the wedding buffet. Serving and decorating with crockery and decoration is arranged by the couple. Possibilities for additional services are tableware for dinner, coffee and / or bar with dishes for dishes, tablecloths, candlesticks and helpdesk / waiter.
  • Coffee and cakes. The cakes are kept by the guests or ordered by Huso.
  • Wedding roll and dance to own music.
  • Night food as a rounding at the party. Catering from Huso or arrange yourself.
  • Guests make their own breakfast at the cottages, or ordered a communal lunch from Huso.

The wedding packages are just a couple of our examples of a wedding party at Huso. We are happy to help you with suggestions based on ideas, wishes and budget.

Husofjellet oversikt
Husofjellet er en unik arena for fjellbryllup.