Wedding Menu Valhall Gordarike

Wedding Menu

Food and drink for weddings have always been an important part of the celebration. Most are quite traditional here. We have put together our standard wedding menus that have both elements of tradition and recent times. Here you lay the foundation for a good dining experience where there is room for both the joys and speeches of the table that can bring both laughter and tears to the corner of the eye. We want to give good memories for the rest of our lives.

You can put together your own three-course menu by choosing dishes from the various options. Feel free to ask us, we are flexible and want to satisfy our customers in the best possible way.

Help with the wedding menu

For weddings, we have developed two standard wedding packages that give you a great celebration and a good overview of the costs.

The wedding packages include a 3-course menu, aperitif and wine with the food, followed by the wedding cake and coffee avec. Uncovering and all of the tablecloths, candles and crockery, rigging and cleaning are also included.

Wedding package 1 NOK 1,485, Wedding package 2 NOK 1,685. In addition, rent of the premises.

Do you want to hold the wedding in Gordarike? Feel free to arrange a meeting with viewing. Tel. 407 20 410 mail [email protected]

All prices include VAT.

Compose food and drink

If you do not want the standard menus, it is possible to put together your own menu with us. Our standard menus are simple and good. We calculate the wishes, and provide a new offer to you.

It can be good to serve something light with the sparkling welcome drink. The guests shall stay for a long time, and it is a good idea to have a little in the stomach to keep the style completely straightforward.

Some people want night food, and simply prefer sausage and loaf as a finishing touch to the celebration.