The wedding party is one of life's most important highlight.

How do you wish to celebrate your wedding anniversary? We will help you bring your best memories from your wedding home. At Eventyrgarden Huso has experience in putting together the wedding celebration at the wishes of the bridesmaids.

Tips for what Huso wants to know on request:
Send mail or call for a chat!

  • Name bride and groom. Phone.
  • Date or desired period.
  • Number of days (Thursday to Sunday, Friday to Sunday, Saturday to Sunday).
  • Approximate number of guests (Adults. Children).
  • Needs accommodation. What where? (Husotunet in Herregården - up to 70 beds in cabins and apartments. Large cabins on Husofjellet - up to 54 beds in cabins).
  • How do you wish the wedding? (Traditionally or theme / mountain wedding.)
  • How would you like the wedding party to be? (3 course wedding menu. Other options or theme. Type drinks for the meal).
  • Marriage at church or bourgeois at Huso. Inside or outside.
  • Budget?
  • We will give you a customized proposal / offer in the best possible way.

Greetings from bridesmaids who married 7-9. July 2017:

"Our wedding weekend at Eventyrgarden Huso was absolutely magical! Beautiful surroundings, great living conditions, delicious food and, not least, wonderful service! Open, welcoming hosts made sure we tailored our dream dream. Thank you! Thank you! Warmest regards! Regards Heidi and Jerome "

Bli kjent fest dagen før dagen. Uformelt lag i Høvdinghallen på Husofjellet.
Bli kjent-fest eller vikingfest i Høvdinghallen fredag kveld. Uformell samling dagen før dagen.