Wedding and anniversary - Hemsedal

Do you wish a unique adventure wedding? Or gathering the family on a large and cosy cabin?

Mountain Wedding - Go by horse and buggy to the Adventure Garden

Wedding at the mountain farm

A beautiful and romantic frame for your celebration.

Husotunet eventyrbryllup

Wedding party at Eventyrgarden in Hemsedal. In the farmers' house at Husotunet, many choose to marry the mountain farm. Get an offer.

The wedding

The wedding party is one of life's most important highlight. How do you wish to celebrate your wedding anniversary? We will help you bring your best memories from your wedding home. At Eventyrgarden Huso has experience in putting together the wedding celebration at the wishes of the bridesmaids. Tips for what Huso wants to know on request: Send mail or call for a chat! Name bride and groom. Phone. Date or desired period. Number of days (Thursday to Sunday, Friday to Sunday, Saturday to Sunday). Approximate number of guests (Adults. Children). Needs accommodation. What where? (Husotunet in Herregården - up to 70 beds in cabins and apartments. Large cabins on Husofjellet - up to 54 beds in cabins). How do you wish the wedding? (Traditionally or theme / mountain wedding.) How would you like the wedding party to be? (3 course wedding menu. Other options or theme. Type drinks for the meal). Marriage at church or bourgeois at Huso. Inside or outside. Budget? We will give you a customized proposal / offer in the best possible way. Greetings from bridesmaids who married 7-9. July 2017: "Our wedding weekend at Eventyrgarden Huso was absolutely magical! Beautiful surroundings, great living conditions, delicious food and, not least, wonderful service! Open, welcoming hosts made sure we tailored our dream dream. Thank you! Thank you! Warmest regards! Regards Heidi and Jerome " Bli kjent-fest eller vikingfest i Høvdinghallen fredag kveld. Uformell samling dagen før dagen.

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Wedding party at Husotunet at Eventyrgarden in Hemsedal. The guests welcome the newlyweds in the beautiful Huso yard.

Wedding Packages

Unique possibilities! Celebrate weddings one, - or maybe "Three days to the end ..."? Out of your wishes and budget, we will facilitate a memorable wedding party. Huso has accommodation for the whole bridal succession. Do you want a little more brilliant wedding at Husofjellet? Or maybe you want a traditional celebration at Husotunet? Here are a few examples of how wedding packages can be tailored to you: Husotunet Wedding party in the guesthouse. The wedding guests spend the night in the Husotunet in rooms and apartments in direct connection with the wedding room. The bridal couple can rent the "bridal suite". Complete, classic wedding Guests are accommodated in apartments and cottages at Husotunet. Ready made beds, towels and final cleaning are included. Let friends and family get to know the day before the wedding party. Have a casual Viking party in Høvdinghallen! Rent the premises and bring food and drink, or choose a package where Huso delivers food and drink. The wedding ceremony is in Gol Stavkyrkje or at Eventyrgarden. Churches in the area: Hemsedal and Gol Church. The bridal couple can be transported with a horse sled/vagon or dog sled the last 500 meters. Wedding party in the Guesthouse with 3 course wedding dinner. Cakes are kept by guests or ordered from Huso. Living room with dance floor and bar at the 2nd floor Coffee avec, cakes and night food. Shared breakfast or brunch Sunday. Husofjellet Mountain wedding in beautiful nature surrounded by unique buildings where guests live together in large cabins around the banqueting rooms. Husofjellet is a unique arena for a mountain wedding. Mountain wedding with options The wedding guests live in large cabins at Husofjellet. Additional services may be packed with bed linen / towels. Let friends and family get to know the day before the wedding party. Have a party in the Høvding Hall! Rent the room or order food / drink including services. Wedding in Gol Stave church or out at Gapahuken. Alternatively, Hemsedal or Gol church. The bride and groom are transported by horse sled or dog sledding to the Trolldomen. The wedding party is held in Trolldomen with catering for the wedding buffet. Serving and decorating with crockery and decoration is arranged by the couple. Possibilities for additional services are tableware for dinner, coffee and / or bar with dishes for dishes, tablecloths, candlesticks and helpdesk / waiter. Coffee and cakes. The cakes are kept by the guests or ordered by Huso. Wedding roll and dance to own music. Night food as a rounding at the party. Catering from Huso or arrange yourself. Guests make their own breakfast at the cottages, or ordered a communal lunch from Huso. The wedding packages are just a couple of our examples of a wedding party at Huso. We are happy to help you with suggestions based on ideas, wishes and budget. Husofjellet er en unik arena for fjellbryllup. 

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Jubilee at Huso

Jubilee in Norway. Do you plan to celebrate the 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, or 100th anniversary. The guesthouse at Eventyrgarden is a unique venue for the celebration.

Jubilee at Huso

Traditionally jubilee. Are you celebrating the 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, or 100th anniversary? Do you want to invite family and friends? Perhaps you are looking for a romantic place to celebrate silver wedding or gold wedding? Is it the business that commemorates, and you want to give the staff a memorable anniversary celebration? Tell us about your wishes - we help with suggestions and offers. Eventyrgarden Huso - produktbrosjyre 2017.pdf Download product brochure here Tips - anniversary at Huso It is in the name, Huso is an adventure farm, with buildings and nature that offers adventurous parties. Here are unique party rooms a frame from the Norwegian peasant tradition. Feel of mystery and adventure in the Viking Hall. All jubilees get their party as desired and budget. Choose from full service and catering to self catering. Celebrate your day without accommodation, or spend one or more nights at Huso. A small group would like to rent one of the large cabins and have catering for dinner to the door. At a larger company, please choose a stay and all meals from Huso. Here you are partying Anniversary at Eventyrgarden Huso and party night. In the main house at Husotunet, the guesthouse Gjestehuset, you have a complete bonderomantic frame. Start the party with a welcome on the barn. Before the guests are invited to table it is interesting to look at the exhibits in the farm. You are partying in colorful surroundings in the Swiss house. After dinner and party buffets, guests are welcome on the 2nd floor to the fireplace and the lounge to celebrate on overnight. Election: Company with services and drinks from Huso Anniversary at Eventyrgarden Huso and adventurous party Welcome to the Troll pond and activity area at Gapahuken. In an adventurous way everyone is invited to the Trolldomen where the party is standing! From the gallery there is a good view of the party hall. Here is the dance floor and good sound. From the stage you have the opportunity for both talk and entertainment. You rent the whole room and have your own food and drink - or get the buffet delivered to the room and you can hire staff for cleaning and serving. Options: 1. Food and drink from Huso. 2. Catering dinner from Huso, rent local and bring drinks yourself. Anniversary at Eventyrgarden Huso and Vikingfest Here is the place for fun parties. From the light of burning torches, candlelight and warmth, the guests come quickly in the mood. The chief hall is robust for such parties. Here you can dance on the table! With the taste of the Vikings kitchen you travel 1000 years back in time. Foaming beer and mud belonging. Here we recommend the 3-course Viking menu. Alternatively hot meat soup or bacon. Election: Food and drink from Huso. Anniversary at Eventyrgarden Huso and outside party In the shelter of Gapahuken, the grill is hot and guests enjoy grilling. A pleasant evening with a bålkos next to the Troll pond. In the evening you have competitions and fun. The canoes are for free use. After own music or playmate someone will dance on the plate. Here is seating for 20 people and a total of 40-50 people. Permanent barbecue and fireplace for fire. Options: Rent the gap kitchen and arrange everything yourself. Get food catering and possibly drinking. Here you live Anniversary at Eventyrgarden Huso and large cabins For a small family gathering, someone chooses to rent one of the large cabins. Here you can do everything yourself or order catering to the cabin. Anniversary at Eventyrgarden Huso and Husotunet The manor house is built in romantic farmer Swiss style with 11 apartments. Combined with the cabins Gildestugu and Vognstallen, there is accommodation capacity for 80 people in Huso Tunet. For larger groups you can also use the cabins about 600 meters from Husotunet. Generally about anniversary The anniversary party is tailored to your wishes and period. Prices for accommodation vary according to season. At the large cabins you can choose to bring your own food and drink or order from Huso.

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