Free entrance to playground, exhibitions of King Haddings tumuls, the trolls cave and the area outside the stave church. 

Entrance Gol Stave Church.

Groups pre-order at [email protected] or tel. 407 20 410. 

on request. May to October.
Minimum 10 people, 1 free per 15 paying NOK   65
Groups eating lunch in Valhall, plus - from the 19th of August. NOK   40
1st of June to the 18th of August. 
Buy ticket in the shop.
Adult NOK 100
Family, 2 adults and 1-3 children NOK 240
Family, 1 adult and 1-3 children NOK 180
Senior + 65 / student  NOK   65
Guests at Hallingresort - cabins and apartments 50% discount