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Opplev Hemsedal. Selskapslokaler - storhytter - leiligheter - rom. Be om tilbud. Finn ut mer:

The mountain Skogshorn Hemsedal

Hemsedal has 20 marked top tours.

Bestig Skogshorn i Hemsedal. Opphold på Eventyrgarden Huso. Be om tilbud og turbeskrivelse. Bestill her:

Scandinavia's Alps

Machine prepared ski slope from Eventyrgarden Huso.

Maskinpreparert skiløype fra Huso. Skispor Hemsedal. Skiløyper i Hemsedal

Stay in Hemsedal

Overnight, vacation or event in Hemsedal at Eventyrgarden Huso.
Rent a cabin or apartment for your vacation in Hemsedal. Stay at Eventyrgarden when you are in Hemsedal. Tailormade events with hotel pension or self catering. Additional benefits such as catering of meals to the cabin door and organized activities. Celebrate a year-round with the family, a successful wedding celebration, an exciting company event. i

In the mountains. Undisturbed and a little bit by yourself at Eventyrgarden.

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