Langedrag is known for its wildlife and the close contact you can get with the animals.

On the farm there are about 300 animals divided into about 20 species. Many of the animals are particularly Norwegian, such as elk, reindeer, fjords and Telemark cows. Others are the ancestors of our Norwegian livestock breeds such as mouflon sheep and bankiwa hens. On the farm there are also endangered and vulnerable animal species such as wolves, mountain foxes and lynx. At Langedrag you get close to all the animals and will have fantastic experiences that are guaranteed to leave a mark.

In beautiful surroundings you can enjoy the animals up close. During our guiding and guided tour you will gain knowledge about the different species and about the farm's history. We welcome you into the world of animals!


Please take a look at the park's own websites for opening hours throughout the year.

Distance from the cabin park Hallingresort - approx. 50 minute drive - direction Nesbyen and follow the signs from there.

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