Memorable celebration

Celebrate the day at the Guesthouse at Eventyrgarden Huso

Feire jubileum i Hemsedal. Be om tilbud på Eventyrgarden Huso. Finn ut mer:

Jubilee at Husofjellet

Gather all your guests in a large cabin.

Celebrate a jubilee - birthday or important event. Gather family and friends at the big cabin in Hemsedal. Celebrate the day in a well equipped large cabin. Find out more.

Summer in Hemsedal

One of Norway's best-organized mountain sport destinations

Vandring i Hemsedal. 20 merkede toppturer. Her ruver Skogshorn i Lykka, med sine 1728 m.o.h.

Summer in Hemsedal

Hiking, tobogganing, cycling, trout fishing, climbing. Hemsedal is one of Norway's best sporting destinations, and has been named Scandinavia's best ski resort for two consecutive years. Here you will have many exciting and fun summer experiences in fantastic nature for the whole family. Hiking Hemsedal has 41 signposted and graded mountain tours for both beginners and the more mountain-savvy. "Hemsedal top 20" is 20 marked and graded top tours and varies in length and difficulty. On the lightest trips, a stroller can be torn as a small evening tour, while the toughest routes are steep and demanding day trips. Experience the Hemsedalsfjella with local guide. From 3-hour tours to full day trips. The tour will be added as desired. Date: on request. Biking From Huso you can sit on the bike and head in on beautiful mountain roads. We recommend a trip around Storewatn at approx. 25 km. Stop along the road and try the fishing rod in several places. On the walk along Storewatn you cycle at the foot of Skogshorn 1728 moh. In this mountain range there are several marked roads to choose from. See bike map. Hire of bikes at Hemsedal Huskies about 3 km from Huso. If you book a bike beforehand, the bikes can be delivered to the house at Huso. DOWNHILL - CYCLE TECHNOLOGY For a fast-paced experience, head to Hemsedal Bike Park. From the top of the chair lift you can choose from three traces. All necessary equipment is rented on site. If you wish to teach you technique in walking and driving, the course is offered. Hollvin Express chairlift season open. Climbing and Viaferrata in Hemsedal The mountains that have given Hemsedal the nickname of Scandinavia's Alps are a good starting point for climbing. Choose from climbing activities, regardless of experience and knowledge. Suitable for children and adults. Courses in both climbing and safety. Hemsedal Fjellsport is a supplier of climbing activities in Hemsedal. Riding in Hemsedal From week 26 until week 33, all days. We recommend pre-order by phone. +47 997 25 891 or drop in if you are in the area. Possibilities for 1, 2 or 3 hours. Half-day and full-time tour by appointment, possibly overnight trip. 2 and 3 hours preferably a minimum of 2 participants. Day trip and overnight stay e. Deal Group discount. Fishing in Hemsedal Fishing in Hemsedal is great, and the valley is especially famous for its amazing trout fishing. If you want help finding the best fly fishing places, you can get guidance from a local expert. When buying the fishing license, you have access to many mountain lakes with beautiful trout. Fishing licenses can be bought at the tourist office, petrol stations, food stores and sports shops in Hemsedal. River snorkeling in Hemsedal River snorkeling in Hemsila with wet suits, snorkels, masks and fleece vests. One observes the trout in its correct element, while getting a little kick when you "surf" down the river. A local guide knows where the trout stands and shows you safely down the river. Registration by noon. 16.00 the day before. Duration approx. 3 hours. Mountain Cart in Hemsedal ski center As the first destination in Norway, Hemsedal can offer its guests this summer a try to drive the Mountain Cart. Mountain Cart is a safe, fun and fast-paced activity that suits the whole family. A Mountain Cart is like a pre-worn tricycle without pedals, but with good brakes on the handles, so you can easily control the speed. The carte is possible to rent for single trips, half or full day, and can be ordered online at Opening hours are primarily in the chair lift opening hours, but groups can also book trips outside of this. Canoeing & Kayaking in Hemsedal Do you live at Huso, the canoes at Trolltjernet at Husofjellet are for free use. With Skogshorn in the background you can go canoeing or kayaking at Vannen i Lykkja. The river has several small islands where one can go ashore, it is possible to paddle through an exciting canal to the neighboring pot of potatoes. Canoe rental at Vannen. Team building for groups and companies The plans are carried out at Huso. There will be a 1.5 t - 2 t activity where teams are divided and will solve different tasks together. It will be both physical, creative, intellectual and collaborative. The teams reap points and finally win a winner. Huso uses a professional activity company. Hemsedal Massage and Wellness We offer massage and roses to groups. Are you on business, girl or boys, team or family trip? What's better than having a delicious relaxing massage? We come to the cabin or your apartment. Hemsedalskortet - Advantage card summer 2018 All guests staying in Hemsedal for two nights or more will receive the card for free. The Hemsedal card is issued at the various accommodation companies. The Hemsedal Card provides free or discounted activities. Please note that the different activities have different opening hours and length of season. Find accommodation in Hemsedal here:  Onlinebooking her Photo: Tolpinrud  

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Jubilee at Huso

Jubilee in Norway. Do you plan to celebrate the 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, or 100th anniversary. The guesthouse at Eventyrgarden is a unique venue for the celebration.

Jubilee at Huso

Traditionally jubilee. Are you celebrating the 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, or 100th anniversary? Do you want to invite family and friends? Perhaps you are looking for a romantic place to celebrate silver wedding or gold wedding? Is it the business that commemorates, and you want to give the staff a memorable anniversary celebration? Tell us about your wishes - we help with suggestions and offers. Eventyrgarden Huso - produktbrosjyre 2017.pdf Download product brochure here Tips - anniversary at Huso It is in the name, Huso is an adventure farm, with buildings and nature that offers adventurous parties. Here are unique party rooms a frame from the Norwegian peasant tradition. Feel of mystery and adventure in the Viking Hall. All jubilees get their party as desired and budget. Choose from full service and catering to self catering. Celebrate your day without accommodation, or spend one or more nights at Huso. A small group would like to rent one of the large cabins and have catering for dinner to the door. At a larger company, please choose a stay and all meals from Huso. Here you are partying Anniversary at Eventyrgarden Huso and party night. In the main house at Husotunet, the guesthouse Gjestehuset, you have a complete bonderomantic frame. Start the party with a welcome on the barn. Before the guests are invited to table it is interesting to look at the exhibits in the farm. You are partying in colorful surroundings in the Swiss house. After dinner and party buffets, guests are welcome on the 2nd floor to the fireplace and the lounge to celebrate on overnight. Election: Company with services and drinks from Huso Anniversary at Eventyrgarden Huso and adventurous party Welcome to the Troll pond and activity area at Gapahuken. In an adventurous way everyone is invited to the Trolldomen where the party is standing! From the gallery there is a good view of the party hall. Here is the dance floor and good sound. From the stage you have the opportunity for both talk and entertainment. You rent the whole room and have your own food and drink - or get the buffet delivered to the room and you can hire staff for cleaning and serving. Options: 1. Food and drink from Huso. 2. Catering dinner from Huso, rent local and bring drinks yourself. Anniversary at Eventyrgarden Huso and Vikingfest Here is the place for fun parties. From the light of burning torches, candlelight and warmth, the guests come quickly in the mood. The chief hall is robust for such parties. Here you can dance on the table! With the taste of the Vikings kitchen you travel 1000 years back in time. Foaming beer and mud belonging. Here we recommend the 3-course Viking menu. Alternatively hot meat soup or bacon. Election: Food and drink from Huso. Anniversary at Eventyrgarden Huso and outside party In the shelter of Gapahuken, the grill is hot and guests enjoy grilling. A pleasant evening with a bålkos next to the Troll pond. In the evening you have competitions and fun. The canoes are for free use. After own music or playmate someone will dance on the plate. Here is seating for 20 people and a total of 40-50 people. Permanent barbecue and fireplace for fire. Options: Rent the gap kitchen and arrange everything yourself. Get food catering and possibly drinking. Here you live Anniversary at Eventyrgarden Huso and large cabins For a small family gathering, someone chooses to rent one of the large cabins. Here you can do everything yourself or order catering to the cabin. Anniversary at Eventyrgarden Huso and Husotunet The manor house is built in romantic farmer Swiss style with 11 apartments. Combined with the cabins Gildestugu and Vognstallen, there is accommodation capacity for 80 people in Huso Tunet. For larger groups you can also use the cabins about 600 meters from Husotunet. Generally about anniversary The anniversary party is tailored to your wishes and period. Prices for accommodation vary according to season. At the large cabins you can choose to bring your own food and drink or order from Huso.

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