Gordarike Middelalderparken 2022

Nytt selskapslokale i Gol. Restaurant Valhall i Gol. Be om tilbud.

Welcome to the medieval park Gordarike

First and foremost, you can experience Gol Stave Church. - A sun-burnt wooden temple with a magical atmosphere. The Viking long house Valhall has exhibitions about the Norse belief in God. Tablets and figures describe the gods of the Vikings. King Hadding's Grave mound shows exhibitions and information about Vikings, trolls and elves. Superstitions and legends from Gol that have affected people's lives. Take a look into the Hahaug troll's home - a small cave. In the Santa house, mechanical elves work with Christmas presents.

Tickets and information in the park shop / reception, - where you can also buy souvenirs, gift items, coffee, mineral water and ice cream.
Outside you can find a bench and a table, and take a little break.

Motorhome parking, motorhome camping, motorhome camp in Gol center. Park the motorhome in the center of Gol for one or more nights. The car park is next to Gol Stave Church in Gordarike. The park shop is open at 09.00-18.00 until 9 August.

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