Nye restaurant Valhall

Nytt selskapslokale i Gol. Restaurant Valhall i Gol. Be om tilbud.

The medieval park

Stave church - Exhibitions - Restaurant - Festival arena

Gordarike  Middelalderparken i Gol


Welcome to the medieval park Gordarike in Gol.

The Stave Church can be opened for groups (min. 10 persons). On request until approx. October 1th.

The new restaurant Valhall and Gol Stave Church in combination for weddings, christenings, concerts, family worship.

Gol's new festival arena with restaurant, outdoor seating, outdoor scene with amphitheater. Please contact us for inquiry and viewing.

Vielse Gol stavkyrkje

Restaurant Valhall

Inspired of the Viking houses

Restaurant Valhall - vikinginspirerte matretter. Lunsjgrupper. Åpner ca. 1. mai 2019.