Golsfjellet - aktiviteter sommer og høst

Golsfjellet – activities

The family-friendly mountain in Hallingdal. 

A variety of outdoor activities await adults and children. Very good signing and facilitation makes the trip good for both known and unknown. Feel safe and use nature with family and friends.


In recent years, Golsfjellet has developed into one of the best signposted mountain areas for hiking and biking, with well-maintained trails and mountain roads. Golsfjellet is very suitable for happy days with the family, or if you want "nice mountains" and short or slightly longer tours.

The latest offer is Stolpejakten, which is a digital tool for hiking throughout the municipality. Bars are placed out and you scan the bar with your mobile phone and get the registered visit. 

The summer brochure for Golsfjellet shows marked hiking trails and 11 summit hikes.

Autumn at Golsfjellet


The areas on both sides of the Tisleiafjord are one of Norway's most beautiful cycling areas. Miles of mountain roads in light terrain are waiting for those who want to explore them. If you do not have a bicycle, there is no need to despair. You can rent it at the tourist office or at some of the hotels.

The popular thing nowadays is to rent an electric bike which allows you to cycle over longer distances. We can recommend from Golsfjellet further on the well known Mjølkevegen towards Vaset and Valdres. Good route descriptions can be found at mjolkevegen.no.

The summer brochure for Golsfjellet shows marked cycling rounds.


The lake Tisleia fjord and the river Tisleia have been known for generations for their adventurous fishing. In the old days, 4-6 kilo trout were not uncommon. Now there is probably a long way between these ridges, but you do not have to "lie" on fat kilofish. The mountain river Tisleia is an excellent river for fly fishermen. Fishing licenses can be purchased at the hotel Oset Høyfjellshotell. More information about fishing in Gol and Golsfjellet at inatur.no


At Oset, a bathing area has been prepared and the hotel offers canoe rentals. Otherwise you can take a refreshing dip in a mountain lake along the hiking or biking route you choose.

Open mountain farm

At Øynebråten Støl, centrally located on Golsfjellet, you can both buy home made food and also bring with you local farm products. You get to greet the cows and can sit down outside the cosy house at the farm yard.
The Stølsvidden is the name of the area between Tisleidalen, Tisleifjorden, Lykkja and Vaset in Valdres. The name comes from the fact that this is the area with the most open mountain farms in all Norway. On some of the farms you can experience the farm life and buy real farm food. More information at mjolkevegen.no (summer)


Mountain riding in light terrain inwards Golsfjellet with guide. Short rides for adults and children from Storefjell Resort Hotel. Pre-order at storefjell.no (summer)