Ofte stilte spørsmål bryllup i Gordarike og Valhall.

Frequently asked questions about wedding

One often has many questions about the wedding celebration. Here you will find an overview of the most common questions we get from the bride and groom about arranging a wedding party in Gordarike. Feel free to contact us for more information, offers or viewing.

How long before you have to book a party room?

It depends on the party you are arranging. Weddings are often booked as early as possible, a year in advance or possibly later if we have available weekends. Feel free to ask for our cancellation policy. For example, if you cancel less than nine months before the wedding, half the rental amount will be invoiced. This is because it is then difficult to sell the same date again.

What does the wedding cost?

Wedding package costs: Venue for Valhall + Wedding package 1 or 2.
Possible rent of Gol Stave Church for the wedding.
In addition, there may be bar expenses, several dishes or another menu for dinner, food for the aperitif, night food, music and other things that are not priced here.
Any addition if you want a 3 day wedding. You want to have an informal welcome in the viking village with food and drink on Friday.
It is also possible to order breakfast for the group on Sunday.

What is not included when you rent with us?

Flower decorations on the tables are not included. You can request a quote on flower decoration from us or contact our recommended suppliers directly. You can also bring your own flowers, but they must be placed in vases and ready to be placed directly on the party table.

Can we arrange our own drink for the event?

No Unfortunately. The venue has a liquor license, so all drinks must be bought there.

Can we bring our own food?

No. The exception is simple cakes for coffee after dinner, which you are welcome to bring by appointment with the kitchen.

How long can we stay in the evening? 

You can start the event whenever you want. You must be out of Valhall no later than 3:00 p.m. Agree on time frames in the planning phase.

Do you have music systems that we can use?

Yes. We have music systems, and it works with Bluetooth or minijack cable that fits all laptops, smart phones and tablets. Be aware that some smartphones have a bad sound card, so you may want to bring a laptop to ensure good enough dance sound.

If you want a DJ or duo / band for the party, you are free to do so. Price from around NOK 8,500.

How do you do with drinks at the bar after the meal?

There are different ways to organize drinks at the bar. Guests can pay for drinks at the bar themselves. The host can be responsible for everything from drinks that are invoiced according to consumption. There are usually an average of two drinks per. guest. You can also pre-arrange a voucher system.

Can you get married in the stave church if you do not have the party in Gordarike?

No, the stave church can only be used if the party is held in Gordarike.