Bjørneparken is a zoo with beautiful bears and many other animals.

It started with bears, but the park evolved, and other predators are the Amur leopard, wolves, lynx and foxes. But the park also has a number of other wildlife such as elk, reindeer, deer and a number of domestic animals such as goats, sheep and alpacas. The latest is an indoor crocodile land with snakes, turtles, crocodiles and alligators.

Outside there are large footbridges through the terrain making it easy for you to move around the park.

The trend in zoos in Europe is fewer animals in larger enclosures. Here, the bear park is truly a market leader, large and natural enclosures provide safe and independent animals. The park is proud of the animal welfare.

In Bjørneparken, both animals and humans thrive.

We have large natural enclosures, adapted feeding arenas with feeding every hour during opening hours. Here you get close to the animals, and learn more from the dedicated animal keepers.

Large playground with appliances and several nice restaurants.


Please look at the park's own website for opening hours. Even if the bears sleep in the winter - the park can be open during school holidays etc.

The family park Bjørneparken in Flå. Distance from Gol 45 minutes drive - direction Oslo. The nice day trip!

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