The medieval park Gordarike in Gol.

Gol Stave Church is the main attraction in Gordarike. A faithful copy of Gol Stavkyrkje was started in 1980 and was consecrated by the bishop of Tunsberg in 1994.
While the original stave church stood high and free in the mountainside, the copy was built as a lighthouse at the village of Gol.

From the tower Yggdrasil there is good view over the valley. Kong Haddings gravhaug is a reconstructed, underground exhibition with information and examples of viking clothes and equipment, and a small tableau exhibition about local history and legends from Gol.

The original Gol stave church is situated at the Norwegian Folk Museum in Oslo, and belongs to the ruling monarch in Norway at any time. Surveys indicate that the church was built after 1216 and has elements as early as 1157. King Oscar on the 2nd bought the church in 1882 for a penny. The King was very interested in history and culture. The church was taken apart and transported on sledges to Bygdøy. When he rebuilt the church, the cost was approx. NOK 6500.

It is said that it was King Hadding and his sons who ruled in Hallingdal in the time before King Harald Hårfagre ruled the whole country. The legend says that there was a battle between the two sons of King Hadding in Gol and that one of the brothers fell. Therefore, today you can visit King Hadding's Tomb Pile in Gordarike.